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What we do

We develop and implement plant concepts. We provide constant assistance  to the nurseries and garden centres for optimal use of the concepts. C.o.N. is the link between production (nurseries) and retail (garden centres) and thereby looks after the various different marketing activities. C.o.N.’s main objective is to optimize  the profits of the  plant sales,  by a concept  approach.

The introduction of concepts reduces costs and increases profit levels and efficiency.

What is V.I.P.S.

V.I.P.S. stands for a  unique sales concept for the basic assortment of the perennials at garden centres. The specially developed presentation tables are a distinguishing feature within the V.I.P.S. concept. The modern customer is interested in  the various application possibilities. That is why the V.I.P.S. plants are presented on the tables as part of a theme.  The large information panels are centrally positioned on the tables, with photographs measuring 30  or 60 cm in width! As the plants are photographed when they are visually most attractive, the perennials  department will remain the eye catcher of your outdoor department outside of the flowering season.

Nursery for V.I.P.S.

John van Oosterwijck B.V. is the nursery that grows the perennials for the V.I.P.S. concept. This very modern nursery is specially designed to provide the best possible quality. V.I.P.S plants are strong because of the focus on the development of the root system. The root system is the base of the perennials. Increasingly use is made of biological plant enhancers. As a result, the plants are much more resilient, and that saves the environment. V.I.P.S. plants must be most beautiful with the consumer in the garden, that is our starting point.

If you opt for V.I.P.S., you opt for convenience and profit!

Why would you opt for V.I.P.S.?

  • V.I.P.S. is a proven concept for an increase in the turnover of your perrenials department.
  • Reduction in your labour costs: maintaining the concept takes very little time, the extensive level of information provided enables the customer can help himself.
  • A great deal of convenience: the organisation around the concept is completely taken care of for you.
  • With V.I.P.S you are the specialist for the perennials in assortment.
  • Is funshopping for the consumer
  • V.I.P.S. is dynamic and will give your outdoor department a better look and image.
With V.I.P.S. you can distinguish yourself from the competition!

Themed presentation

V.I.P.S. plants are presented on the tables as part of a theme. For example, there are tables with spring flowers, summer flowers, rock plants, butterfly enticers, etc. As the various different themes are clearly indicated through signs on the tables, your customers will immediately be able to see where they can find their  plants. The various different themes have their own look and colour. The label includes a colour bar which indicates the theme.

The plants can be added to the right plant tables both quickly and easily.

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  • fresh


  • colorfull


  • warm

    autumn summer

  • strong


  • special


  • easy


  • happy


  • happy


  • scented


V.I.P.S. presentation tables

The tables for the V.I.P.S.- concept are specially designed and an internationally protected model. The table, which can be adjust in many ways, comes with an ebb and flow system which facilitates watering. On every table, there are information panels, in which photo cards are presented.

we care

The nurseries which grow the plants for the V.I.P.S. concept are very carefully selected. You are therefore always assured of the highest possible quality of sustainable plants. We use a natural and  organic plant invigorator  in order to grow vital and healthy plants, which  are better resistant to diseases.  Therefore we are able  to use  as less chemical  pesticides as possible.

Environmentally friendly practices and sustainability are among our priorities


The concept is currently running very successfully at over 300 different garden centres. Are you curious about the V.I.P.S. possibilities within your garden centre or organisation? Then we would like to take a closer look at  your options with you.

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